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Celebrating diversity

Berthold Wigger and the Kronberger Kreis published a joint article in the "FAZ" on the occasion of the German Day of Unity. Click here to read the article.

FAZ article
Diffusion of Moral Responsibility

The top journal The Review of Economic Studies publishes Nora Szech's study on the diffusion of morality in groups and voting as a featured paper.


Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) (Article)

Interview Süddeutsche (SZ) (Video)
A Masterplan for the Corona Crisis

Berthold Wigger and the Kronberger Kreis published a joint article on economic policy during the corona crisis in „Die Welt“.

Increasing the Support of Corona Testing

In a representative study, Marta Serra Garcia and Nora Szech find that 4 in 5 people demand a test if it is for free. Yet demand drops sharply in price. The topic is also pressing for willingess to test among travelers.



Mirage News

Test the World

We need an early warning system such that we can live safely and the economies can open up again. The initiative was founded by Dan Ariely, Ernst Fehr, Oliver Hart, Ulrike Malmendier, Nora Szech and others.


Virtual Seminar on Market Design

Talks by Aislinn Bohren, Scott Kominers, Benny Moldovanu... Jointly with colleagues from the universities of Bonn, Cologne, Sorbonne-Assas and ZEW, Nora Szech organizes the Virtual Market-Desgin Seminar. If you want to participate, please register here.

ZDF: Graduate or Drop-out?

Berthold Wigger proposes a method to predict students' success via artificial intelligence. To the video.


Clemens Puppe is managing editor of the journal "Social Choice & Welfare" as well as a member of the editorial board of the journal "Economics and Philosophy". Nora Szech is member of the editorial board of the "European Economic Review". In Frontiers in Psychology, she is topic editor of the special issue Honesty and Moral Behavior in Economic Games. To the Call


Each semester, the HeiKaMaX Workshop on Behavioral and Experimental Economics takes place, jointly organized with the Universities of Heidelberg and Mannheim. For more information or if you want to participate, please contact Petra Nieken, Philipp Reiss, Clemens Puppe or Nora Szech.


HeiKaMaxY Young Researchers

The HeiKaMaxY Young Researchers Workshop, a workshop on Behavioral Economics and Experiments for young researchers, is jointly organized with the universities of Heidelberg and Mannheim. Interested PhD students, post docs and assistant professors are invited to participate. For more information, please contact Julia Schreier or David Huber.


Each semester, jointly with the universities of Mannheim and Heidelberg, the HeiKaMEtrics Workshop on Econometrics and Statistics takes place. If you want to participate in upcoming Workshops, please contact Melanie Schienle.


The KIT disposes of an interdisciplinary laboratory following economic standards, funded by the DFG. 40 cubicles allow researchers to analyze economic behavior as well as body-responses. The city marketing reported.